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I offer most types of guns at very affordable prices since I maintain a very low overhead.  I operate from my home here in Sunset, SC., just outside of Pickens.  I will come to you to discuss what gun or guns you would like and I will be able to quote you a price.  If you are willing to wait a short while for the delivery of your weapon(s) you can save a good amount on your purchase.  If I find a better price locally that I can not meet or beat I will let you know where that price is available so you can decide where you would like to purchase.
All weapons must be picked up at my home where you will be required to fill out the appropriate paperwork for your weapon of choice.
Refundable deposit is required.
I accept trades and consignments.
Due to an impending new law that appears to most likely pass the Senate of South Carolina in the next week or so and is endorsed by the new Governor CWP permits will no longer be required in this state.  Any person who can legally own a pistol can carry concealed or open unless property is posted otherwise.  Due to this change the demand for CWP will basically be finished.  The only time a CWP will be required will be if the gun owner intends to carry concealed into a state that we have reciprocity with.
I will be offering a Pistol Safety Class.  This class is designed mostly for new shooters who want to learn the proper safety habits to remain safe while enjoying the sport of target shooting or as a backup weapon while hunting.  Also good for people who have experience but would like to brush up on the current laws and hone their shooting skills. 
Class runs approximately 5 to 6 hours depending on the size, and is conducted on Saturdays by reservation only.  The course covers all aspects of gun safety, gun responibility, state laws, types of guns, cleaning, shooting technique plus actual shooting of a pistol, I will be supplying the gun and ammunition, the do's and don'ts of self defense in the home and public.  Each student will be given a certificate of completion after completeling the course.   Cost is $70 and must be paid for at time of reservation and space is limited.  Class starts at 9 a.m. at the Fellowship Hall of the Mill Church in Pickens and finishes approximately 2 to 3 p.m. depending on size of class.
I accept all major credit cards



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